Miniblog 115: A Diary from an American Socialist in Russia

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Miniblog 113: Where is the #Me Too Movement for black men, especially black young men in Africa?

This one is mindblowing, watch this on YouTube seriously!!!

Miniblog 112 : A Mother’s Advice on Leadership

The sweet mother counsels her anxious daughter about leadership. She said succinctly, ” Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens.”

I can’t remember the name of this ordinary American girl, but she had to face one of the biggest challenges in her life. Remember, she is just a young girl who had one in a lifetime opportunity to lead over these extraterrestrials which could mean that she could lose her life. Sadly, she is separated from her parents and they can’t be around her anymore except dinner time. Even at dinner time, there’s no guarantee that she will always converse with them.So, she has to be a lone wolf leading over a strange people. Remember she is a girl, she is a human, she is innocent and she is a stranger which are four strikes that could potentially get her killed. Watch the video above to fully comprehend these two paragraphs and seriously read the book of Proverbs, book of Ecclesiates, Psalms, book of Esther and the book of Daniel to fully understand leadership and youth leadership. In addition, learn and and analyze the message of leadership from David and Goliath, and story of Joshua and Caleb in the book of Exodus. Honestly, the bible and many old books have an insurmountable advice on leadership. Now, she stands in the same place as the newly-appointed King Solomon in the past of how can I be leader, how can I lead over an obstinate people and how can I save an oppressed people.

Princess Metra was just ordinary American girl and now she arose in power out of nowhere. When she asked her mother for advice on leadership, it echoes the story of young King Solomon’s prayer to God for wisdom in order to become a leader over the nation of Israel. Parents (well, in this case, the mother) are anti typical representation of God and the anxious Princess Metra as young people humble and patient enough to ask and listen for wisdom from God and/or the elderly. She was an Esther in this alien world, for she was meant to be there for such a time like this to save an oppressed people.

Miniblog 110: The Spirit of Jesus Christ in L.A

Jesus Christ can transform the drug addicts, sex addicts, scammers, homeless, thieves, murderers, rapists, homosexuals, heterosexuals, bigots etc in all cities in the USA and worldwide.

I don’t care about political parties, let’s pray for our brothers and sisters in LA.

Miniblog 106: Unattractive for being African, unattractive because I’m an Asian man

Hypocrites from all walks of life crying out for peace and justice,then sudden destruction falls on them.Hypocrites crying out for justice for themselves while making fun/discriminating others.

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